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About Us

Why I started Teens Helping Kids

 For many years I have donated my time to fundraising for different charities.  I have shaved my head for St. Baldrics for donations towards childhood cancer research, have helped with car washes, food pantry & soup kitchen work, etc.  But... it wasn't until I was able to meet some of the people in person, who my fundraising efforts directly went to help that truly inspired me. 

Last year, my lifelong friend Celia and I, helped to raise money for a school in Haiti.  Together Celia and I raised thousands of dollars to help fund building a library at the school.  We actually got to go to the school and spend some time with the kids and help to physically do some of the work on the library ourselves.  It was a life changing experience for us.  I really connected with the kids and realized that I wanted to do everything I can to help them as much as possible.   There is no more rewarding experience than knowing your efforts are directly doing so much to help such awesome kids.  

The reason I decided to focus my fundraising efforts towards Heart In Haiti is that all of the money raised goes to help pay for kids to be able to go to school and goes towards improvements for the school they attend.  The other organizations spend most of the money before it ever reaches the people who need it the most.  

I thought if I started a Giving Grid and a website for teens to learn how they can help kids, it might inspire more teens to jump in and help and get involved in direct fundraising, instead of giving to large corporate organizations.  Any teen who would like to start a campaign can contact me and I can help them to get started.  Lucas.teenshelpingkids@gmail.com

What We Do

Teens creating fundraisers that directly help other kids, instead of giving to big organizations that take a lot of the funding.  

Leaf raking, snow shoveling, bake sales, car washes, running, biking, swimming, paddling for a cause, the sky is the limit!  Teens create and work their own fundraisers and the money goes directly to the kids who need it!  

How We Help

We link our fundraising efforts DIRECTLY to the source that needs the funds, through websites like Giving Grid.  Our first campaign helped to build a library for a school in Haiti, now we are raising funds to send more kids to school there.

Contact Lucas for info about how to start your own campaign! Lucas.teenshelpingkids@gmail.com

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There are so many ways to support our mission. Contact Lucas to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and ways to get involved!

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